With the removal of Master Loot, we utilize RCLootCouncil in order to prioritize upgrades to benefit the performance of the raid as a whole. With the addon installed, you will see pop-up anytime loot you are able to equip is being voted on. Below is a chart listing exactly what each voting option should be defined as:

Voting Option Definition
BEST IN SLOT 100% BiS stats; Top-Tier Trinkets; Top-Tier Azerite Traits
Major Upgrade 10-15 ilvl Upgrade, Decent Stats/Traits Minor Upgrade
Minor Upgrade 0-5 ilvl Upgrade, Mediocre Stats/Traits, Sidegrades
Socket/Forge Already have item, rolling for Socket/Forge/Leech/etc.
Offspec Non-Raiding Spec, M+ Spec, etc.
Transmog Collecting for Transmogrification appearance only
Pass  No loot for me, thanks I have enough already :)

Our officer core will weigh their opinions on how the loot should be distributed and a vote will be cast; whoever recieves the most votes for a piece of gear will be awarded the item in question. One raider is regularly rotated in each week to participate in Loot Council to promote transparency in how our loot system works.


Any Bind on Equip items that drop during raid are considered property of the guild and left up to the officer core to determine how that piece of gear will be handled. Most BoE items will be sold on the Auction House in order to facilitate services such as guild repairs, potions, cauldrons, vantus runes, food, etc. Items that we intend to sell are posted in our Discord server and offered to raiders at a discounted price. One extremely rare occassions, certain BoEs might go up for roll if they are an absolute BiS (i.e. Mythic Piece +Tier 3 Corruption + BiS Stats), but a strong case must be made; a minor increase for your character is not as valuable to the guild as supplies and repairs for a month.


Reawaken utilizes Discord for voice chat during raids and a means of communicating with one another outside of the game. Raiders are expected to have access to the mobile app to stay in touch with the guild and informed of any weekly updates. In order to eliminate outside distractiong during raid, our server is private. If you need an invite please request one from one of our officers.


The following addons are utilized for raid progression and are mandatory for raid participation:


Here are direct links to logs and guild records: